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Automatic Adjustment Die (Model:JC-021)

This die head adopts an extended V-droplet flow channel, triangular shunt technology and a special flow stabilization structure. Effectively improve the composite precision of each composite layer and reduce the generation of M-shaped and W-shaped materials during extrusion. The upper mold lip adopts the push-type manual fine adjustment + automatic fine adjustment-body-type mold lip, with a manual adjustment range of ± 1mm and an automatic adjustment range of ± 300um; the automatic mold lip adjustment control part uses the currently very advanced fully closed-loop control system and automatic thickness measurement. The system enables the thickness accuracy of the product to be within ± 2%, and the online thickness gauge automatically and continuously detects and scans at high frequencies. The thickness tolerance of the product can be displayed very accurately in real time. After processing the data from the online thickness gauge through a computer program, it feeds back to the special die lip expansion adjustment bolts to achieve automatic fine adjustment of the thickness of the opening of the die lip to quickly and effectively control the accuracy of the product. And our die has good expandability. We can choose "inside plug width adjustment device" or "outside plug width adjustment device" with thick-edged device according to customer's needs, which can better meet customers' production requirements. The possibility of wide products can realize more economical and more efficient production.

This type of die is suitable for production below 5000mm. CPP, PE, EVA, PVC, PET, PVB, PA and other single-layer or multi-layer films with a thickness of 0.06-0.18mm.

Co-extrusion in the Die Body (Model:JC-020)

Each die adopts melt rheology analysis technique combined with computer engineering technology .According to the acutal requirement,you can effectibvely adjust the die and produce the high-qualified products,within the minimized ,by the balanced,stable and reasonable design fro the raw erials int he die extrusion rheological.


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