With more than 20 years of focus on technological innovation of extrusion die heads, we have become a reliable partner on your production line.
Zhengwei has developed more than 17 kinds of extrusion dies, covering multiple industry fields. Its scope is: Internal hand-operated laminating mould, Casting film die, Sheet mould, Waterproofing membrane mould, XPS foam plate mould, Spinneret mould, Sheet mould, Bubble film mould, Hollow lattice board fruit box mould, PP building template Mould, Automatic moulds, In-film composite moulds, Wire drawing machine molds, Hydraulic stations, Screen changers, Distributors.
Precision Manufacturing
Zhengwei has its own complete production and management system, and has quality control in every production link. In the intelligent workshop with constant temperature and humidity, more than 30 complex processes including six-axis high-speed machining center and precision grinder are carried out. It ensures the precision of processing of each part, meets high production capacity requirements while ensuring rigorous professionalism. We do our best to avoid mistakes and limit the amplification of existing mistakes.
Clear Manufacturing Steps
The technicians in the processing department should review the drawings before processing the mold material to ensure that the mold can be shipped in the shortest reasonable time. This not only shortens the production cycle but also solves the problem of waste of raw materials.
Employees in the process department must track the mold processing progress every day, take photos and archive each mold processing step, and then prepare a report in order to provide the mold progress report to the sales department.
News and Updates
Search For The Die You Want
Zhengwei Mold specializes in the development of flat extrusion molds. And we have an independent technical team and sophisticated equipment, and the department has been constantly working hard to develop new die varieties.
We will conduct technical meetings before each order is made, and each technical meeting will ensure good design and processing technology of the mold. The process department controls every processing detail.